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By | August 13, 2020

New York City has so many fun ways for families to celebrate Halloween in the month of October. Halloween in NYC is spooktacular and packed with awesome costume parties, creepy haunted houses, and pumpkin madness. Gest5

At the Zoo, you can catch Boo, watch a Halloween parade, or join in to do a Halloween craft. The spirit of Halloween travels around NYC, giving you local chances to celebrate wherever you might be.

This annual Halloween party takes place at the Bronx Zoo on weekends from September 28 through November 3, 2019, as well as Monday, October 14, 2019, and is targeted at children and families. Face to color

Among the special Halloween-themed fun is storytelling, and pumpkin painting. Wear your costume for Halloween, and march through the parade.

All activities are included with admission to the Zoo, except for the hayride which needs an additional charge for the “Total Experience” ticket.

Halloween can be so much more than just a boring night filled in candy. Find an adrenaline-pumping jaunt to Queens County Farm or the Bronx Zoo, or to areas such as Sleepy Hollow, Sag Harbor, and Providence outside of NYC.

Peruse offMetro ‘s Halloween activity guide for tons of eerie, car-free ways for children and adults to enjoy their holidays In the month of October, and beyond.

NYC is lined with pumpkin head lanterns, the doors to the house are fancy to the point that it seems like it’s from a  fear movie and lots of wild activities and parades happen.

We’ll tell you in this article where to celebrate Halloween, where you can find the craziest costumes and where to see the annual Halloween Village Parade.

NYC: Halloween! The town is bursting with costume parties, haunted houses, Halloween festivals, and more events packed with pumpkin.

If you enjoy being spooked seriously while watching the most disgusting horror movies of all time, or prefer to celebrate Halloween by enjoying some of the best fall getaways We’ve got you covered from NYC.

Halloween is a perfect holiday for children and elderly adults

Nyc Halloween is a perfect holiday for everyone.

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