Work Appropriate Halloween Costumes

By | September 2, 2020

Appropriate Halloween Costumes

It’s Animal Lipstick. …

Men in Black, guy. …

Rosie the uniform of the riveter. …

Orange and Lust. …

The suit of Brawny Man. …

The costume in Westworld Halloween. …

It’s Wednesday Addams. …

Costume of Bat Halloween.

Wearing a “job protection” uniform should be at the forefront of our heads. Costumes that are contentious or political, or making fun of someone in your office, are completely out of control. The same applies to costumes that are glamorous or provocative — even if you have a relaxed office or a tight-knit squad, err on the side of caution.

Getting dressed for work is normally a very straightforward job, but it can be a little more difficult for Halloween. If your office is Halloween-friendly, a suitable costume at work might be in order. It’s important to consult with your friends beforehand — you don’t want to be the only one who spontaneously wears a mask or the only one who prefers a normal outfit on this happy day — but after you get the go-ahead, you’ll have to find out what sort of Halloween costume you can actually wear throughout the workplace.

 Luckily, we did the hard work ahead of time — there are 18 spooky, fun, and work-appropriate costumes to wear on October 31.

Gear up as a mime

Wear a Pink Lady Jacket for the Day

Go to the Dramatic Holly Golightly Ensemble

Opt for a classic where the costume of Waldo is

A ghost is never going to hesitate to please.

Your Inner Minion Platform

Steal Wednesday Addams Theme

Look like you had a whole different career

Place it back in the 1950s

Wear the Famous Mask Of Stranger Things

Yeah, you should make a Couples Outfit at Work

Get accessories from Barista Handy

Prove that you are a superhero to your peers

The Famed Ferris Bueller Site

A Classic (and Foolproof) option:

Opt for the Star Trek Outfit of Captain Kirk.

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